MetOcean Intelligence for Sustainable Shipping

Partner with Gale Force to ensure your shipping operations' safe, sustainable, and profitable future. 

Safety - Predictability - Punctuality

Our services range from viewing your vessel movements, analysing performance, and monitoring energy efficiency to full Weather Routing with Route Advice, ensuring optimal vessel performance. All services use high-resolution global weather forecasts.

Optimise Vessel Performance

Based on your criteria and our expertise the energy efficiency and ROI can be improved and performance can be followed. 

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Safety first

Safety has a high priority for vessels, cargo, and crew. Gale Force always considers weather and ocean currents when calculating the risks in order to apply just the right margin. 

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Emission Reporting & Compliance

Monitor bunker and emissions according to global and regional regulations and C/P criteria. 

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Gale Force Team 

Our team has a strong foundation with a diverse set of skills and a shared passion for shipping and the oceans. 

Having in-house expertise in core areas such as MetOcean, vessel performance, system development, and customer care, our state-of-the art IT systems support the team to ensure high quality services and the best results for our customers.