Gale Force Services

Know that your vessels always are sailing at the safest and most optimal route. Improve your voyage planning with the long term forecasts and more accurate ETA calculations at the same time as you improve fuel economy and minimise your carbon footprint by decreasing emission to air. 

Route Services

There are different kinds of Route Services  where we can provide them all depending on different needs. All from weather and ocean currents along a route to routes based on weather and ocean current effects including engine setting optimisation. Vessel characteristics, loading conditions, stability and speed are all combined with our performance model and weather and ocran data.  

Overall, these route services can benefit vessel operators in several ways, including improving safety, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, maximising efficiency, and reducing costs. 

Fleetweb online platform

Fleetweb is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription and can be used on shore and on board. Follow global weather, ocean current, real time vessel position, reported data and always updated calculations in one platform. 


Gale Force perform in-depth investigations in area of interest and customised consultancy services for fleet and vessel performance or in event of any kind of incident all related the shipping and MetOcean data. 

Performance Reports

The performance calculations are always available and up to date in Fleetweb. Performance Reports can be viewed and exported for historical and ongoing sea passages. The reports display summarised and detailed sea passage data and compare data against established references and/or Instructed values for speed and consumption and Charter Party criteria's including Good Weather analysis. 

Vessel reporting via data collection

Vessel Reporting

Gale Force performance calculations rely on data collected from the vessels. Data can be collected via system integrations or by using Gale Force Reporting templates. 

How does it work?

With Classic Weather Routing or Gale Force Route Advice services you also get a human behind the scenes, the possibility to discuss the different route choices with an experienced marine meteorology either by email or phone call. The decision of route can sometime be a choice between the lesser of the two evils as whatever you do it will be tough, which one will have the least impact? 

By experience we know that the communication and ability to discuss the different route choices is highly appreciated by many of our customers.  The thinking and discussion between human beings should not be underestimated as it is a way to solve a tricky situation. When just relying on an automated optimised routes you will not get this feedback. 

We do not believe that Classic Weather Routing is the only way forward, on the contrary we believe that digital solutions in combination with the marine meteorologist make the best combination for weatherrouting. The human touch can make a difference for a more accurate and better optimised route regarding safety for crew and cargo, time to target and for saving fuel/reducing emissions. 

By combining digital solutions and the marine meteorology the customer and the ship get the best of both worlds, the knowledge that the ship is sailing on the most optimal route which has been overviewed and evaluated on all criteria and the human behind the scenes to call and discuss the situation with. Hence, both ship and operator know what to expect and plan for the expected.