Fleetweb SaaS online platform

Fleetweb is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription and can be used on shore and on board. Follow global weather, ocean currents, real time vessel positions, reported data and the latest calculations in one platform. 

Global Monitoring

Follow all your vessels in the Fleetweb online platform. Gale Force uses market leading partners to provide accurate and reliable global AIS data. 

Regardless of the type of data reporting all vessels will look the same in Fleetweb. Depending on the service level, a number of applications (Apps) within Fleetweb are available. 

Global Weather & Ocean Currents

View historical and forecasted global weather and ocean currents. 

Gale Force has a mix of data providers and partners for high resolution weather forecasts, analysis, and ocean current data. We are continuously evaluating new sources.

It is important to understand and have knowledge about the data that is used in the system and calculations to be able to manage the uncertainty in the forecast and the risks involved. 

Compare your data

All data are Fleetweb is normalised for weather and ocean currents to give the true performance of the vessel. Compare the data to defined references such as baselines for Main Engine Consumption, Instructed values, and Charter Party data. All available for historical, ongoing and future sea passages. 

Analyse your data

Understand your data better by being aware of the impact of weather and ocean currents on your vessels. Integrate existing reporting systems or use Gale Force reporting templates to provide data to Fleetweb. All data in Fleetweb can be exported in various formats. 

Full transparency 

On shore personnel, crew on board a vessel, Gale Force Operations and other stakeholders can all view the same data. Everything sent to the vessel from Gale Force is available in Fleetweb for historical, ongoing and future sea passage and port stays. 

Report Monitoring

Monitor all reported data from the vessels in one platform. By ensuring that the reported data is correct the calculations will be more accurate. 

Update and correct data and track all changes made to your data in Fleetweb.

Emission Reporting

All reported data are aggregated and displayed according to EU/UK MRV, IMO DCS and CII regulations. 

Emission data can be exported in various formats from Fleetweb. 

Fleetweb is a part of an ecosystem

The Gale Force philosophy is to let the export focus on their expertise. The Fleetweb platform can be used as a complete solution, or integrated with other systems such as pre-existing third party or bespoke reporting/data collection systems. 

Fleetweb is used both by customers and inhouse by the Gale Force Operations Team.