Safety first

At Gale Force, we always prioritise the safety of the vessel, cargo, and crew when providing our services. The predictability of the weather forecast is one of the most tangible parameters, and the one which is most uncertain, when managing the risks involved operating vessels.

By leveraging our knowledge, systems and data sets, we help our clients minimize the risks associated with weather and save fuel, emissions and money in the process.

Crewmember on ship safetly working


Crew health and quality of life onboard should always be prioritised. By ensuring that the vessel sails in the most favourable conditions, we also ensure best possible living conditions for the crew.
Avoiding bad weather results in less crew injuries and less crew fatigue   


Any cargo damage or cargo losses is costly, and waste of resources and should always be avoided.
Knowing the vessels and their weather limits enables us to advice safe routes for the vessel resulting in less cargo damages, less cargo losses and less negative impact on the environment.   


Build, buy and operate a vessel is large investment and best possible TCO will always be desired. Operating the vessel in the most optimal and safest routes ensures minimal wear and tear to the vessel resulting in less breakdowns, and less hull fatigue. 

How Gale Force do it

Finding the most optimal and safest route at sea and at the same time conducting a cost-effective operation requires competence and experience in several areas. Have we talked about ship dynamics, propulsion systems, mathematical models and weather and oceanography to mention the most important ones.

Gale Force has all these competencies in-house and works continuously to improve our systems, calculations and personnel.

Regarding weather and oceanography, it is about working with the best available data, where we believe that we have as of today supported by other data such as AIS and data from the ships.

Even though we have the best weather and oceanography data, the forecast uncertainty varies and needs always to be considered and evaluated. This is where our knowledgeable and experienced marine meteorologists come into the picture who, with their experience and access to various weather models/tools, can assess future developments and ensure safe voyages for our customers' ships.

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