Performance Reports

The performance calculations are always available and up to date in Fleetweb. Performance Reports can be viewed and exported for historical and ongoing sea passages. The reports display summarised and detailed sea passage data and compare data with established references and/or Instructed values for speed and consumption and Charter Party criteria, including Good Weather analyses. 

Always available

The performance data and the Performance Reports are always available via Fleetweb. For historical and ongoing passages the performance data is updated and ready to be viewed or exported as a PDF. showing comparisons to Charter Party (C/P), baseline references and instructed values. 

The data always compensates for the impact from weather and ocean currents. 

Verified Reports

Even though the performance data and Performance Reports are always available via Fleetweb, it is sometimes necessary to manually verify or adjust calculations according to complex C/P criteria or other situations. The verified Performance Reports can also fulfil the calculation methods widely accepted according to English Maritime Law. 

The verifications are made by performance specialists in the Gale Force Operations Team and ensure quality in the data. 

Customised Analyses

In addition to the regular and verified Performance Reports, customised analysis and reports can also  be created based on a request from a customer. 

These could for example be in-depth investigations of certain passages or events. 

How does it work?

The data in the Performance Reports and in Fleetweb are based on the same calculated performance data and reports from vessels. If any data is updated, such as a reported value or route information the data in Fleetweb and the Performance Report is updated accordingly. 

The data can be viewed both in the system, exported as PDF reports and as a data export. The data export contains both the reported data/parameters and calculated performance data.