Vessel Reporting

Gale Force performance calculations rely on data collected from the vessels. Data can be collected via system integration or by using Gale Force Reporting templates. With Gale Force Reporting templates our services can be initiated immediately.

Report Creator

The Gale Force Report Creator makes the daily event reporting easy. Data is entered using a simple offline template and is then sent by email to Gale Force. The reports can easily be customised according to your requirements. 

Standard Templates

Gale Force standard reporting covers the basic reporting that is needed for the Gale Force core services. The Standard templates cover both Sea Passage reporting (COSP to EOSP) and Continuous reporting (Berth to Berth). 

Customised Templates

Gale Force reporting templates can easily be customised according to customer requirements. Customer specific reports, events, parameters, etc. can be implemented. Parts of the reported information can be available in Fleetweb as well. 

System Integration

Reported data can be collected via existing reporting systems and data collection systems via integration. System integration can minimise or remove any extra reporting to Gale Force.

How does it work?

The Gale Force Reporting tool is called Report Creator. It is designed to create event reports that are sent via email to Gale Force and other recipients. 

The Report Creator consists of only one offline file that is used onboard the vessel. For each event the corresponding report is filled in and send via email. Each report and parameter has built-in validation checks to ensure that the reported data is as accurate as possible. 

Gale Force encourages the use of pre-existing reporting/data collection systems to minimise the extra workload onboard the vessels. A pre-existing system can be used if it can send/forward data or has APIs for Gale Force to collect data from.