Emission Reporting & Compliance

Know your performance for ongoing and completed sea passages, and continuously monitor bunker consumption and emissions according to EU/UK MRV, IMO DCS and CII regulations in addition to C/P compliance.
All delivered by Gale Force. 


Continuous monitoring of fuel and CO2 emissions to, from and within the EU area and UK area. All according to the EU/UK MRV ans IMO DCS regulations. Certified by Verifavia. 

Charter Party

Follow up Sea Passage performance according to Charter Party criteria and/or other instructed values. Available in Fleetweb and as a Performance Report.

Performance Reports verified by Gale Force performance specialists are available on request and fulfil the calculation methods widely accepted in English Maritime Law. 


Continuous monitoring of the efficiency of the vessels, giving each vessel a rating from A to E. All according to IMO CII regulation.

How does it work?

All reported data from a vessel, regardless of reporting system, are aggregated according to global and regional regulations. 

Emission calculations are based on reported fuel (amount and fuel grade) and converted using the corresponding emission factors. 

The Charter Party (C/P) calculations, including Good Weather analyses, are always available via the Fleetweb online platform. If additional verification is needed for claim purposes or if special criteria should be applied,  verified Performance Reports can be delivered by Gale Force. 

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