We Care about Safe and Sustainable Ocean Transports

With over 90% of the world’s goods transported by sea - safe, sustainable, and green shipping is critical for the health of the planet.

Since the oceans cover over 70% of our planet and are the main driver of our climate, we can make a difference supporting energy efficient sea transports.

Utilising MetOcean and vessel performance know-how can support shipping to improve safety, reduce greenhouse gases, and ensures efficient use of our planet resources.

This is why our main responsibility is to our customers, who are using our services to ensure the most optimal voyages across the oceans, from hard weather avoidance to micro-level voyage optimisation. Together with our customers, we aim to eliminate cargo losses and minimise vessel damage and can save hundreds of thousands metric tonnes CO2 emissions annually while at the same time ensuring the safety and quality of life for thousands of crew members. 

About Gale Force

Gale Force is a Swedish meteorological and oceanographic (MetOcean) maritime intelligence company, established in 2020 and with headquarters in Norrköping, Sweden. Gale Force specialises in global weather routing and related services to the global maritime industry, such as route and propulsion optimisation, performance monitoring and emission reporting. An interesting field and a great aid to ship owners and operators with emission reporting requirements coming into force.      

Our passionate team collectively has over 100 years of experience in the industry with in-depth knowledge of shipping, marine meteorology, naval architecture and technical development. We are a no-nonsense company dedicated to utilising all available resources in the most efficient way possible, constantly working to develop and update what we offer so that our products are future-proof and meet the ever-changing demands of the global maritime industry. 

Gale Force General Terms and Conditions

The Gale Force Team

Our team has a strong foundation with a diverse set of skills and a shared passion for shipping and the oceans. 

Having in-house expertise in core areas such as MetOcean, vessel performance, system development, and customer care, our state-of-the art IT systems support the team to ensure high quality services and results for our customers.

The Gale Force Philosophy

Our philosophy is to let experts do what they do best. Our skilled meteorologists focus their experience and knowledge where it is most needed, where weather conditions are most uncertain. In this way, we optimise for the safety of the crew, the vessel and its cargo. The services we offer revolve around three main topics: Safety, Predictability, and Punctuality. 

We understand the importance of using resources wisely, whether it's money, time or people. Gale force delivers a complete solution whose value lies in the interplay between our employees' skills and technology capabilities. 



Tom Sandberg


Master Mariner with over 35 years’ experience from various positions in international shipping, both from sea and onshore. Commercial and proactive oriented shipping manager with broad international experience from fleet/vessel operations, hub & port agency, business development, sales, weather routing and vessel navigation.

Head of Operations & Client Services

Anna Helena Hultberg


Marine Meteorologist with more than 18 years’ experience from Weather Routing and Vessel Performance Optimisation business. Has been working with weather routing in different roles – operations, team leader, project leader and business architect (product development). Responsible for Gale Force operations team ensuring high quality deliveries in addition to ensuring that we always have the best MetOcean data available.

Head of Product Management

Marcus Sandbacka


Naval Architect with more than 12 years’ experience from Weather Routing and Vessel Performance Optimisation business.  Responsible for Gale Force system and product development including sales support. Has extensive in-depth knowledge of all our systems and products.