Gale Force carries out in-depth investigations in areas of interest and provides customised consultancy services for fleet and vessel performance,  or for any kind of specific event or incident, all related to the shipping and MetOcean data. 

Vessel Performance Investigations

Do you want to know more about your vessel performance? 

Gale Force carries out in-depth investigations of performance discrepancies, including consultations regarding 

  • Vessel analyses 
  • Fleet analyses
  • Trend analyses
  • Cargo damage analyses 
  • Hindcasts

which can be helpful for understanding the vessel and fleet performance.

Historical Investigations

Gale Force caries out different kinds of investigations and can provide weather statistics for specific areas for example in the event of some kind of incident. 

Investigations can be made on behalf of various third parties such as

  • Shipping companies
  • Agencies
  • Insurances companies
  • Law firms

Additional services

A forecast for a defined area or position  can be easily ordered by just sending an email to our operations team. 

Gale Force also offers training courses such as

  • Customised system training for crew and office staff
  • Basic and advanced weather courses 
  • Weather routing education 

How does it work?

Gale Force has access to many years of weather and ocean data both inhouse and through partners, enabling our specialists to handle most inquiries or investigations based on MetOcean data in addition to vessel behaviour, seasonal patterns, statistics, etc. 

In addition to this, the experienced and dedicated personnel at Gale Force hold training courses in different areas related to Gale Force systems, shipping, weather routing and MetOcean data. The courses can be customised and held online or at your location, whichever suits you best.