Optimise Vessel Performance

There are many ways to optimise the performance of a vessel. The requirements, conditions and focus vary between customers, so Gale Force needs to be adaptable to fit in your specific operations and needs. In addition to the customer requirements and voyage criteria Gale Force always strives to optimise energy efficiency, minimise emissions and ensure a safe passage. The shortest route is not always the most efficient route. 

Vessel Performance

Know the impact of the weather and ocean currents on your vessel. By normalising the weather and current effect it is possible to evaluate the performance of the vessel. Compare with reference figures, instructions and established data. 

Routing Services

With the Route Advice service, you can expect accurate and timely routing advice for your sea passage allowing for efficient planning along with support from the experienced Gale Force Operations Team directly to the vessel from port to port. 

The importance of understanding the forecast uncertainty in hard weather can be crucial when making route decisions and ensuring the safety of crew and vessel, but it is not always about the hard weather - fine tuning in good weather can also make a significant saving in overall consumption and emission reduction.

Weather and Ocean current data

As Gale Force are experts within the MetOcean field our approach is to use the data which is most suitable for the task. This means that Gale Force uses a mix of data providers and partners for weather forecasts, analysis, and ocean current data and continuously evaluates new sources.

Fleetweb SaaS platform

Fleetweb is Gale Force´s online platform. Within Fleetweb different applications are available via subscription (SaaS) enabling you to monitor your entire fleet, analyse individual vessels and sea passages and follow emission reporting compliance. Fleetweb can be used by all stakeholders to follow performance, route recommendations and communication from Gale Force to each vessel. 

How does it work?

To be able to perform accurate performance calculations on historical, ongoing and future passages it is essential to have a good performance model. The performance model in the Gale Force system has been refined during decades of  real vessel data. The impact of the weather and currents is described in two factors, Weather Factor and Current Factor. 

The Weather Factor considers parameters such as wind waves, swell, and wind speed. 

The model takes into account the current vessel status and speed setting in order to determine the speed loss/gain due to weather and ocean currents. 

The resulting calculated Performance Speed (calculated Speed Through Water) is normalised with respect to weather and currents and is used in further calculations and comparisons. 

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