Route Services

There are different kinds of Route Services  where we can provide them all depending on different needs. All from weather and ocean currents along a route to routes based on weather and ocean current effects including engine setting optimisation. Vessel characteristics, loading conditions, stability and speed are all combined with our performance model and weather and ocran data.  

Overall, these route services can benefit vessel operators in several ways, including improving safety, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, maximising efficiency, and reducing costs. 

Route Weather

Create awareness about the planned route by knowing what to expect along the route and when to arrive based on the planned speed setting. 

This service provides weather and ocean current data along a vessel's planned route. By considering this information, vessel operators can make informed decisions about navigation and route planning, which can improve safety and efficiency.

Route Optimisation

In addition to the Route Weather this service uses advanced algorithms to analyse weather and ocean current data, along with vessel characteristics and performance data to provide the most optimal engine setting to arrive on time. This engine setting can be calculated for reaching required ETA or if running on instruction, such as C/P speed and/or consumption.

By considering this information, vessel operators can make informed decisions about navigation and route planning, which can improve safety and efficiency.

Route Advice

By using the Route Advice Service, including Weather Routing, vessel operators can feel safe that vessels sails on the most optimal, safe, cost-effective and sustainable route based on given sea passages criteria's and surrounding conditions. 

The Route Advice Service include calculations based on preferred or required Engine Settings or instructions for meeting a required ETA or or receiev a calculated time of arrival, multiple routes, detailed performance and behaviour of the vessels including rolling warnings, and complying with the current and future ESG requirements.

Gale Force Operational Team together with the Fleetweb online platform ensures that you always know the status of your vessels, what to expect and when to expect it. 

Weather Routing

The importance of understanding the forecast uncertainty can be crucial when making route decisions. The decision of route can sometime be a choice between the lesser of the two evils, as whatever you do it will be tough. 

Gale Force highly trained Marine Meteorologist and Performance Specialists can interpret the complete picture and help the vessel and operators prepare for the longer term based on the certainty of the forecasts and hard weather avoidance on ocean crossings. 

The close dialogue between the Master onboard the vessels and the Marine Meteorologist opens up for discussions and strengthen the understanding in different situation and is highly appreciated and advantageous for all parties. It can make a difference for a more accurate and better optimised route regarding safety for crew and cargo, time to target and for saving fuel/reducing emissions. 

The Weather Routing Service is a part of the Gale Force Route Advice Service which is  a high-quality service for your vessels from experienced Marine Meteorologists and Performance Specialists tailored for the modern shipping generation. The Marine Meteorologists evaluates different route options based on given criterias and environmental conditions and send alternative routes including Engine setting recommendation to the vessel for discussion. 

You can expect accurate and timely routing forecasts for your sea passage allowing for efficient planning along with support for the vessel from port to port. Along with the master’s first-hand knowledge of the vessel’s performance and open and clear dialogue, the vessel operators can be sure that the vessel is on the best route possible during the given circumstances and sea passage criteria.