Gale Force Solutions

Let the Meteorological & Oceanographic (MetOcean) experts help you to optimise your vessel performance. From pure analysis services related to energy efficiency, decarbonisation, emission follow up to full Route Advice and Optimisation services, Gale Force will help you all the way.

Optimise Vessel Performance

Based on your criteria, such as ETA, weather and C/P details,  and our expertise, the energy efficiency and ROI can be improved and the performance can be monitored. 

Safety first

Safety always has a high priority for vessels, cargo, and crew. Gale Force always considers the weather and ocean currents in calculations to handle the risk and apply just right margin. 

Compliance and Follow up

Follow global and regional regulations to stay or become compliant to trade your vessel, including IMO DCS, EU/UK MRV and CII.

Gale Force Services

Gale Force services are divided into different packages depending of the type. From the simplest View, where no data from vessel is needed to the Optimise where the Route Advice service to the vessel and whole Fleetweb online platform is included.