Gale Force attending World Maritime Forum in Copenhagen 27-28 February

Gale Force is excited to announce that we will participate in the upcoming World Maritime Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark, this February as we continue our journey towards a sustainable future in the maritime industry. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation is reflected in this event.


At Gale Force, we believe that optimising fleet performance is essential for sustainable maritime practices, and we actively seek and implement innovative solutions to enhance overall fleet efficiency while reducing environmental impact. Our dedication to effective fleet performance management aligns with industry objectives, promoting a greener and more sustainable future for maritime operations.


We understand that safety at sea is paramount and place it at the forefront of our values. Our participation in discussions at the World Maritime Forum includes a focus on ensuring safety at sea. A safe maritime environment is crucial for both our workforce and the ecosystems we operate in. By engaging in these conversations, we aim to develop and implement robust safety measures that benefit the entire maritime community.


If you want to know more about Gale Force, please visit us in Copenhagen at our stand during the World Maritime Forum on 27-28 February for a chat.

Meet us at World Maritime Forum 27.-28. February

AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen

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