Better deliveries with better data

How Gale Force delivers better results for their customers with Lloyd’s List Intelligence data

Swedish MetOcean maritime intelligence SaaS company Gale Force improved accuracy and accelerated delivery of client reports despite growing challenges and uncertainties. 

The challenges 

Gale Force is a Swedish meteorological and oceanographic (MetOcean) maritime intelligence SaaS company, established in 2020, that specialises in global weather routing and related services to the global maritime industry, such as route and propulsion optimisation. 

Challenge 1: Avoiding data delays and blackspots 

Gale Force previously used an earlier version of Lloyd’s List Intelligence’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) data with fewer updates and less comprehensive geographical coverage. This required additional, timeconsuming specialist work to plug information gaps and enter data manually. 

 “Our goal is to deliver the best information in the market. But with the old AIS data, we sometimes lacked data on time, and coverage was patchy. To improve accuracy and increase delivery speed, we needed more granular data. It was also crucial for us to have the latest available vessel positions.” Tom Sandberg, CEO, Gale Force 

Challenge 2: Gaining accurate vessel data 

Gale Force needs absolute confidence in the vessel specification information it uses to deliver fast and on-point analyses for their clients, so they, in turn, can make optimal decisions. 

 “To ensure we provide accurate calculations and analyses, we need vessel characteristics to be correct in our systems. We were looking for improved data as we were not happy with what we had. With the Lloyd’s List Intelligence solution we receive accurate data that better supports our long-term strategy.” Tom Sandberg, CEO, Gale Force 

The results 

The Lloyd’s List Intelligence extended AIS solution gives Gale Force access to the “best data on the market”, according to its CEO, Tom Sandberg. Its AIS coverage eliminates problems with delays and poor coverage, providing accurate information on vessel and fleet positions irrespective of whether ships are in deep water, close to shore or operating in congested areas.

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